Oyu is based in Silicon Valley, CA, USA based small skincare company run by Tugs-Oyun and Enkhnaran offering results-oriented premier quality skincare, facial hair care, and hair care product to stimulate and support the natural growth of hair. Each creation is handmade by using high-quality, USDA organic certified products, or those that have been certified as organic. Oyu makes cruelty-free products and vegan origin. Each creation has at least one superfood ingredient to stand out. A lot of research has been done to distinguish care of facial hair, face skincare routine, and body skincare.  Inspiration: Working in Organic Skincare Boutique in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco over 11 years ago. At the shop, people used to love to come into our store and get very expensive soaps, skincare, body wash, etc. Developing interest and passion for years started using Essential Oils. Over the years, skincare routines became chemical-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Then going chemical-free in our household. The whole idea behind Oyu is to help others to solve their skin issue without using harsh chemicals in it. Enkhnaran was getting bald but after experimenting with carrier oils and essential oils, along with taking good care of hair, nutrition, and taking control of stress, Enkhnaran was able re-grew the hair, solved hair loss, and has gorgeous hair. That's how OYU was born to solve skin and hair issues naturally and organically.